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Our Mission

The Carlsbad Library & Arts Foundation's mission is to financially support and help enhance the Carlsbad libraries and arts facilities, programs, and events.

Dove Library

1775 Dove Lane
Carlsbad CA 92011


3368 Eureka Place
Carlsbad CA 92008


1250 Carlsbad Village Dr.
Carlsbad CA 92008

Carlsbad Library and Arts Foundation is about supporting our community

Literature and the arts flourished during the Renaissance due in large part to the tireless support of an enlightened patronage. Today, the Carlsbad City Library continues to grow with the same enthusiastic involvement of those who wish to create and preserve a lasting legacy of learning for future generations.

The Carlsbad City Libraries, the Dove and the Cole, both recently remodeled and the Learning Center are a community treasure. From the extensive collection of nearly 250,000 volumes to a wide range of online data services, from an imaginative gallery of art to a state-of-the-art auditorium, the Library has amassed a wealth of cultural resources from a long tradition of civic pride and responsibility.

Continuing in this tradition, the Carlsbad Library Foundation was created to stimulate the enlightened patronage of our time in providing for the future growth and development of the Library as it anticipates and responds to the ever-changing needs of our growing and diverse community.


Alfredo Gonzales
A Carlsbad native, Alfredo Gonzales recalls fond memories of the Georgina Cole Library throughout his childhood. It was a positive refuge for his curiosity. Raised by a downtown Carlsbad restaurant family, Alfredo pursued a career in the hospitality industry after college. His love of learning and guiding others lead him to his current position as a high school chemistry teacher. Alfredo cherishes the resources and learning opportunities provided by the Carlsbad library & arts departments and has served on the foundation since 2009.

John Lucas
I have been a resident of Carlsbad since 2009. I moved from the Los Angeles area to North County to be close to my children and grandchildren. I spent over 55 years in the mortgage banking industry but am now semi-retired. I joined the CLAF Board of Trustees in 2014 after meeting with Heather Pizzuto and touring the Dove Library. I was so impressed with all of the services that the library provided that I wanted to help in some way. The Carlsbad Library and Arts Foundation manages major endowments and other contributions which enables it to support the Carlsbad Libraries and Learning Center financially on an annual basis.

Christinna Hall
Christinna Hall is a life long patron of the arts and has been a part of the Carlsbad community since 1979.  For almost 30 years, she taught for Carlsbad Unified School District, where she established award winning choral music programs. Chris formed Sound Express at Carlsbad High School and Show Stoppers at Valley Middle School. Her groups competed on state and national stages.  As a mentor, she shared her passion for arts by providing opportunities for her students to see theater productions, Broadway musicals and some of the best museums in the country.  Chris will state her biggest achievement is the memories for her students grown through these experiences that have been carried forward to new generations of art patrons. Her career as an educator brought opportunities for grant writing, leadership, public relations and more.  Chris holds a Masters degree in Education Administration.  She served as president of San Diego County Music Educators Association and was a member of the State Board of CMEA.  She enjoys being part of the Library Foundation Board. As a mother and avid reader, Chris understands the tremendous influence books can have on young readers.  She appreciates the opportunity to continue to work for the community to bring access and programs that enrich the lives of our youth and their families.

Frank Ruscetti
I was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the winter of 1943. During my childhood, my prized possessions were my library an gym cards. From 1964-68 I treated the war wounded as a medic and did hematologic research on astronauts after space travel. In 1972 after earning my doctorate in microbiology at the University of Pittsburgh, the rest of my career was spent at the National Cancer Institute going from post-doc to Laboratory Chief. I was fortunate in co-authoring seminal discoveries in human hematology, immunology, oncology and retrovirology. Since retirement, I have been volunteering on the Carlsbad Library and Cultural Arts Foundation.

Joanna Murphy
I was born and raised in Alhambra, Ca., a suburb of Los Angeles. I attended a Catholic school, Ramona Convent, where I started learning French in the first grade. That opened up a whole new world for me which led to an interest in other cultures. I majored in French, Spanish, Philosophy, and Theology  in college and received my Masters in French from Claremont Graduate School. I began teaching French, Spanish and English as a Second Language to students from Montessori School age to university students. I taught in California, Taiwan and Argentina and have traveled widely in North and South America, Europe and Asia. I have also loved libraries since a youngster and am so appreciative of the Carlsbad Libraries which offer so many cultural activities free: movies, concerts, lectures, the art gallery etc.The librarians are a wealth of information which they provide professionally and courteously. I am very grateful to be a member of CLAF.

Michael P. Hall
I’m a native San Diego resident and lived in Carlsbad for 31 years. My background and education is in Finance and Business with a degree from San Diego State University. I feel strongly in volunteering in the community, a role, which has always been important to me. In the past I’ve been involved in the Poway Incorporation Committee, Carlsbad Citizen Academy, San Diego County Water Citizens Academy, San Diego County Grand Jury, on the San Diego County Parole Board, Rotary Club, and others. I’m honored to be a part of the Foundation Board in their dedicated work for the Carlsbad Library.

Gita K. Nassiri, JD, MBT, CPA
Gita K. Nassiri is an attorney and CPA with over 30 years of experience, specializing in the area of estate planning, trust and probate administration. Prior to establishing Capital Legacy Law, Gita worked as an attorney in the areas of trusts and estates and business law, and as a tax consultant for the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Gita is happy to call Carlsbad home since 2006, and her two children grew up in Carlsbad. As a Citizen’s Academy participant, Gita learned about the Foundation and its mission to financially support the Carlsbad libraries and arts, and she has had the privilege of serving on the Foundation Board for many years. She believes that the Carlsbad libraries and arts are invaluable community resources that must be supported. Gita also volunteers with other local nonprofits. She enjoys family time, hiking and being a soccer mom.

Thank you so much for your support!


CLAF wouldn't be where it is today without its dedicated board and community support. As a local nonprofit, donations are an important part of our success. Show your support by giving to CLAF today.

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